With the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies Leadership Program, we go far beyond kicking and punching. We focus on character building, school and street safety.

Students study easy to learn, safe and fun practical martial arts and gain skills in an encouraging environment. We use goal setting as a key to the child’s success, and each student gets individual attention, gets challenged, and gets encouraged. At Taekwondo class no-one rides the bench. Every child gets to participate every class. 

Every kid learns to be a winner and every kid feels like a star!

The course focuses around exercises, character development chats, and martial arts training.

Exercise Time:

Each child works on their physical goals for push-ups, crunches, and squats. The focus is on form and doing the exercise well (Habits we train are habits we gain!). Each student is encouraged to set their own goals and exceed them.

Character Development Chats:

Our character-building mat chats are inspirational talks given in each class. The 1st part of a mat chat is always about character development, including self-discipline (doing what you know you're supposed to, even if you don't want to), positive attitudes (having a positive "Yes I Can” attitude, an “attitude of gratitude”, etc.), and more. The focus is on training the mind as well as the body.

The second part of a mat chat is around school safety and life skills. This includes the ABCs of conflict (how to Avoid, how to Be calm, and how to Communicate), bully defense, and other street safety topics. Life skills are also imparted such as how to greet people, make friends, and have good interaction skills that breed confidence.

Martial Arts Training:

Each week consists of a different focus in an educational curriculum to help maximize learning potential for each student.

At a beginner level, students are learning basics such as punching, kicking techniques, basic defense, and bag work. During this phase, they are being taught how to work well with others, how to use their strengths to help others’ weaknesses, and  above all, they are working on their ability to focus!

Once a student has graduated the beginner program, they move to the advanced classes. These classes teach ground defense, improved technique, and more advanced partner drills. Students are taught to hone their leadership skills and pursue martial arts with excellence.

The program is for kids ages 4-13 (4 and 5 year old kids receive separate instruction). It is based on participation twice a week, but with multiple class times that fit your schedule. Classes are 45 minutes long.


We pride ourselves on providing a safe, welcoming, and encouraging environment and making a positive impact on young people through teaching martial arts.

Come join us! Give us a call at 321-245-8631 to schedule a personal visit and meet our staff. Come find out why so many local parents chose our program to help their child build self-confidence, improve grades, learn life skills, and develop strong character.