• You’re a muscular 6 foot 2 inch, 240 pound night club bouncer — but the guy you have to throw out of the club is 6 feet 8 inches; and at least 325…
  • You’re a street cop who’s been placed on temporary suspension because you shot a 6 foot tall 215 pound “16 year old kid” who refused to succumb to the arm-locks you were taught at the academy.
  • You’re a soldier, your rifle’s jammed with the enemy right around the corner and you’re seconds away from finding out if the sportive grappling they taught you in basic will work against someone trying to tear your throat out and send you to the hereafter.

Solution 1: TukongMuSool

After a lot of political arguing about which martial art should be officially taught to Korea’s elite troops and special police units, a committee of martial arts experts was assembled to develop an easy-to-learn system of self defense using natural body movements that could defeat even an Olympic TaeKwonDo or Judo champion in seconds.

The result of the 15 years of research is TukongMuSool. TukongMuSool was instituted as a hand-to-hand combat methodology that far surpassed other martial arts in terms of simplicity and effectiveness. Ironically, it was nearly identical to the system the US Military used — back in World War II.

TukongMuSool’s Close Combat does away with the boxing-grappling-locking nonsense that has become the “politically correct” standard of training for our soldiers in recent years. Instead of subjecting our military personnel to methods that could get them killed, we provide basic, effective methods proven in War.

TukongMuSool Program offers:

  • Firearms, Batton, Knife: Learn shooting, batton, and knife methods to complement your hand-to-hand training.
  • Unarmed & Dangerous: Grand Master Richard Hackworth is an expert at showing you how to deal with being on the receiving end of a club, knife, or gun attack. His Unarmed & Dangerous training will turn your mind and body into a weaponless weapon.

Solution 2: Take the Tools TukongMuSool to the Next Dimension

TukongMuSool is a new and unique style of martial art created by the instructor, No-Won Park to Korean Elite Military Units and the National Police Academy. The premise of TuKongMuSool is that all real fights are chaos and thus most attempts to use choreoghraphed techniques will meet with disaster.

Working with a former police officer and forensic homicide investigator, studying blood spatter patterns at scenes of horrific violence, No-Won Park scientifically evaluated how people really fought and died.

He learned that in real bloodbaths, nothing ever happens the way you think it does. When he applied this knowledge to his police work on the streets of Seoul, South Korea, what he found was that in order to adapt to chaos and survive, you have to liberate your mind from patterned technique training and instead develop free, adaptive movement principles based purely on nature and physics.

TuKongMuSool trains you to become a master of random motion, spontaneously creating your defense using principles of energy, movement and physics that have their roots in classical training but that have been largely ignored or forgotten over time.


    First, and foremost, it has no forms. That is, it has no set and sanctified techniques, no prearranged specific responses to given specific attacks, no learn-by-the-numbers choreography to clog the mind and the reflexes with unnecessary strategic calculations.

    This is made possible by inverting the entire learning process. You start where most training ends. Why? Because during a real fight for your life, it is virtually impossible to deliver a stylized technique effectively; the speed, chaos, viciousness, confusion, and utter terror associated with a real fight prevents this. Your nervous system simply becomes overloaded with the flood of sensory stimuli.

    You can’t treat your brain like an electronic dictionary of self-defense responses and expect it to select the right “technique” to counter a “matching” attack under extreme duress. It simply doesn’t work that way. If you’ve been programmed by training a specific response to a specific attack, your defense will fail if the attack changes by even one inch from the way you’ve trained.


    You train dynamic principles of movement only. The main ones are Body Unity, Looseness, Balance, and Sensitivity. There are many others, but they all focus on developing your subconscious neural pathways, resulting in what some would call “natural motion” and others would call “Ki.” These are developed through unusual drills and exercises and combined with the simple deadly strikes of Close Quarters Combat developed by Fairbairn, Sykes and Colonel Rex Applegate and proven in World War II.

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