About Master Shane Miller

As a child, Shane Miller was bullied by other children.  He asked his mother if he could attend karate classes to learn to better protect himself. So at the age of 9 he began his journey. He spent around 3 months studying Shotokan Karate at in a local community program offered at Junior High School before leaving and meeting Mr. Dave Ridener , a1st Degree Black belt. Mr. Ridener was teaching Taekwondo at his house three days a week, and Shane would go on to study Taekwondo with him for the better part of a decade. During that first decade of training he would also study Isshinryu.  Later, Mr. Ridener Shane started assisting Mr. Ridener with classes, and received his first degree Black Belt in Taekwondo in December of 1991.  Currently he holds a 3rd degree Black Belt

A few years later, Shane went on to teach in, found, or run multiple Martial Arts Schools and programs., including a Christian Martial Arts Program that included Training classes and a Youth Demo team, the Rideners Martial Arts Institute, the Cover shores Community Center Martial Arts program, and the OCPS Taekwondo program.  Eventually, Mr. Miller joined the American Dragon Martial Arts Academy under the instruction of Dr. Richard Hackworth where he tested for his 3rd Degree Black Belt in front of the Vice President of the Korea Taekwondo Association and the Vice President of Chungdokwan Taekwondo visiting from Korea. Around this same time Mr. Miller was accepted into the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association (KMAIA) Internship Program. In May of 1996, Mr. Miller received his black belt in Hapkido from the Korea Hapkido Federation.  

Shane Miller is one of the youngest Americans to ever receive a 4th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo in Sept of 1998 from the Korea Taekwondo Association MooDukKwan at the age of 24. Then he traveled to the Republic of Korea to train the following month studying Hapkido, Taekwondo and Yudo at KMAIA schools in Korea. During this trip he also served as the US National Team Coach for the National Junior and Senior Taekwondo Championships in Korea. Master Miller ended 1998 as Taekwondo Master of the Year recognized by the KMAIA. The following year in September 1999 Master Miller earned his Second Master Title – a 4th Degree Black Belt in Hapkido from the KHF.

In 2000, he moved to Dyersburg, TN, to teach martial arts. But by the beginning of 2001, he returned to Orlando, FL, and became the General Manager of a health club chain called Paramount Health Clubs.

In 2002 he moved to Lord’s Gym in a neighboring town of Clermont as the evening manager. While there, he once again helped run day to day operations, taught aerobics and martial arts classes for adults and children. During this time he met the love of his life, Jamie Bryant, who would become his wife in August of 2002. In the summer of 2002, Master Miller was appointed Vice President of the United National Taekwondo Association the National Sanctioning Body for the Art of Taekwondo recognized by the KMAIA. In 2003, Master Miller received his 5th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo from the USNTA in 2003.

Then he took a challenging position at World Karate Martial Arts as the Chief Instructor of a martial arts studio with over 200 active students. World Karate stretched his ability to teach and motivate students to a whole new level. In his time at World Karate he would also teach a physical education class at Oakshire Elementary School, teaching grades 1-5 for three months. That same year, Master Shane and Jamie Miller welcomed their first born child Josiah Jack Miller into the world. Now 14 years of age, Josiah Miller is a 1st Degree Blackbelt in Taekwondo and Yudo as well as a red belt in Hapkido. He hopes one day to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a martial arts instructor. In October 2004, Master Miller continued his martial arts dream, opening his own school in cooperation with Winter Park Health and Fitness.

In 2005, he returned to the program that he founded in 1989, now called The Way CTU (Christian Taekwondo University) to be a guest instructor. Master Miller would also receive his 3rd Master Ranking this time in the art of Yudo. He received his 4th Degree Black Belt in Yudo from the Republic of Korea Yudo Association.

A year later, Master Miller decided it was time to open his own martial arts studio location. Master Courington, a former student,  and Master Miller, along with the help of Grandmaster Hackworth, ran a thriving studio for over two years. Also in that year, Master Miller was appointed to the World Masters Council and was the youngest member to ever be appointed to this prestigious council. During this time, Master and Jamie Miller had their second child, Jerico Shane Miller, who is now 10 years old and is an advanced practitioner in Taekwondo and Yudo.  

The next stage in Master Miller’s martial arts career would take him to the Orlando Taekwondo Academy to meet Instructor Eric Link, creating a partnership to bring the martial arts of Hapkido, Yudo and Yusul to his school location. Master Miller has taught Taekwondo, Hapkido, Yudo, and Yusul at Orlando Taekwondo as a part of the staff and a mentor to the other black belts and instructors.

In 2012, Master Miller tested for and received his 6th Degree Black Belt in the US National Taekwondo Association with KwanJangNim Richard Hackworth as the Senior Examiner. In February of 2013, he tested for his 5th Degree Black belt in the martial art of YuSul, his 4th Master Rank in the Korean Martial Arts. In March 2015, he completed his goal of Testing for his 6th Dan in Hapkido making him one of the highest ranking Hapkido Masters in the U.S. sanctioned by the World Headquarters in Korea.

In July 2015, Master Miller opened a new location in Winter Park, Florida. Master Miller is celebrating his 36th year in the martial arts.  Since then, he has earned his 7th Degree Black belt in Taekwondo (USNTA) and Tangsoodo (Korea MooDukKwan TangSooDo Society), earning the title Grand Master.