Kevin Rhodes

Grand Master

KwanInNim (Master) Kevin Rhodes is a Martial Artist, Professional Wrestler and World Traveler. He began his journey with American Freestyle Wrestling at the age of eight where he often had to wrestle boys between ten and twelve years old because there was no one else in his age division. He wrestled on his school teams for Junior High School and High School in Deer Park, Texas.

In the ninth grade a friend invited him to come to a TangSooDo and Hapkido class that was taught by Yong Hon Park who was a 4th dan level master of both martial arts.

After impressing Mr. Park with his efforts and positive attitude, Kevin Rhodes became the first non-Korean student in that class. Master Rhodes trained with Mr. Park for five years attaining a first degree black belt in both TangSooDo and Hapkido. Shortly after achieving his black belts he moved to Orlando, Florida, where he began to focus on a career in the professional wrestling industry.

A member of the legendary Rhodes Wrestling Family of Texas, Kevin Rhodes has shown himself to be pound for pound the toughest member of this iconic family of Texans. A master of the figure-four-leg-lock and the bionic elbow, Kevin has used his unique family trademark moves to earn himself three World Championships and more than ten national level titles.

To achieve his national titles and become a professional wrestler, Master Rhodes first joined the pro wrestling school of Cousin Junior in Orlando, and then the school of Brett Sawyer near Tampa, Florida, to learn Catch wrestling and American Pro Wrestling techniques. He also returned to training in martial arts under the direction and mentorship of Grand Master Richard Hackworth where he earned a Black Belt in the Military Style of Taekwondo from the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association.

In 1996, he attended the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association Instructor Certification Course to earn his Taekwondo Instructors License. Then the following year he attended the Hapkido Instructors Course and earned his Hapkido Instructors Certification. In 2000, he went on to attend the Masters Training Course and Graduated for both Taekwondo and Hapkido.

He now holds a fourth degree master level belt in Hapkido (the Korean martial art of self-defense that is taught to the US Secret Service, FBI, and CIA) as well as a fourth degree black belt in Taekwondo.

Currently, he is one of the leading wrestling promoters in the United States as President of Zero 1 Pro Wrestling Fit USA, an official branch of Pro Wrestling Fit International.   He is also an active full-time professional martial arts instructor in San Saba, Texas, where he teaches children, adults and families. It is his goal to help each student reach their full potential and experience the many benefits of the martial arts lifestyle.

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