The Best Defense is Self-Defense

A recent published ten-year study conducted by the FBI indicates that rape is dramatically on the rise in the United States. Current crime statistics indicated that a rape occurs somewhere in the U.S. every five minutes.

All women are potential victims for the rapist, and a study by the National Victim Center and the Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center in 2006 showed rape can occur any place, anytime.  This study also showed that 84% of the victims knew their assailant before the rape took place, and 57% of the rapes occurred while on a date.

Women’s Self Defense Techniques Can Help You Beat The Odds.

Our purpose in stating these facts, as unpleasant as they may be, is not to scare you, but to make you aware that, according to rape crisis experts, women who resist in any way have a fighting chance of stopping the attack.

If women have been trained in some type of Martial Arts, similar to those taught at the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies Women’s Self Defense Program, the odds of them deterring an attack are better than 80%.

A Great Use of Time

We realize your time is very precious. That’s why we offer convenient classes during the week. In each and every class, you will go through a structured program to reduce stress, increase flexibility, and  improve cardiovascular performance.

Then we focus on self-defense techniques and practice using them. In this way, you get a complete and balanced workout in every class. To make your Women’s Self Defense training even more convenient, we also offer private lessons at your convenience.

While attending our Women’s Self Defense classes you will quickly and easily improve your health and learn how to defend yourself. Instead of wondering how you are going to pass the time in the gym, you will look forward to each and every information filled lesson.

Learn to Protect Yourself

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